Time may change my life but my love for you will never change.

Hideto Matsumoto 1964 - ∞

お誕生日おめでとう you will never be forgotten. we miss you ( p′︵‵。)


Mission on 03.09.2012

‘Assuming without learning facts’
ain’t my thing, so last year I decided to go to Japonicana tour to learn about our brother-in-law lol.

I planned to send Jin a message through Meisa, but in the end I came up with this idea to make him know that there are us (Meisa fans) who really want him to take good care of her (our beloved sister) ~♡ 

Therefore, I went to buy the ticket (almost didn’t get to see him cos at first the cashier gave me the wrong ticket - CNBLUE ticket @Nokia Theatre XD ). The t-shirt got printed just a few hours before I went to Club Nokia.

When Jin’s singing holding a microphone I could see blinking yellow gold ring on his finger. I still didn’t throw the t-shirt until the second half, when TD went to 1/4 of the song some fans threw bras on stage lol (Here..if you have no clues why they threw bras on stage)

I thought if I waited too long and threw it later he might not notice, so I waited a lil bit more then threw it while he’s still singing TD! There’s a staff came to take all stuffs fans threw on stage to backstage. 

After concert finished, I saw the canvas (or not sure if it’s a piece of cloth) that Jin fans signed to congratulate them for the marriage. The staff took all bras to the front I also saw my t-shirt, the cinematographer who filmed all the show unfolded it, some fans who’re still around there said awwwwww. I asked him to give it to Jin, I wish he did.

Even though my mission ended 80% done, seeing Jin sings with all his might and smiles to his fans that accept who he really is (he also looked very happy) made me happy enough~

Some might not understand what I’ve done..I don’t mind that cos only ‘real ones’ will understand. ;)

p.s. If I could change something, I would change the shirt to V-neck lol 

      I still use this graphic sometimes but the words’re changed to ‘Please take care of each other’ ^^


Jin Akanishi Skype Interview with Karli Henriquez (Lo Que Te Pica)

Watch adorable Jin explaining Japonicana is a girl, singing “Jason Derulo” and also cursing in Spanish!

Love his smile! Check it out here! ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ

It’s not from Jin’s twitter, and there’s not much of a clue on which Jin tweeted. But this is probably the closest to seeing Jin on twitter, since the man is a total troll. Zen replied to a fan when they asked if Jin still looked at his twitter. So now we know he’s still around, he just doesn’t tweet… wonder why? Hmm…

2012.02.12 - Jin on the red carpet at the Grammys


» EDIT 2 : Better quality videos! Enjoy!


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Jin Akanishi “Sun Burns Down”
Directed by Luga Podesta 

Chinen's Proposal

OMG i think i’m gonna die if he say it to me XD

Thank you to all the fans who gave me a japanese dictionary with the note ‘please get more intelligent soon’!

Jin Akanishi (during a KAT-TUN concert MC)

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